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Silky You products

Silky You offers a range of products to assist in your hair removal. Our products are carefully selected from renowned and reliable manufacturers who deliver the best quality. These products contain no parabens, mineral oil free, propylene glycol free, no GMO, no animal by-products

You can purchase these products at our salon when you come for your next treatment.

Neo-D Derm Sweet Cream

This cosmetic performs its soothing action thanks to the presence of glycyrrhetinic acid in combination with other natural substances (grape vine and horse chestnut). The application of Sweet Cream after laser/pulsed-light epilation treatment reduces redness.

Cirepil Gel Cooling Effect

Perfectly prepares the skin, providing comfort and limiting post waxing reactions. Enriched in Calmosensine®, which works to decrease the skin's sensitivity, and CM Glucan, which reduces unpleasant sensations, this (tingling and sensations of overheating). Use for optimal and painless hair removal.

Cirepil Double Scrub

Ideal for use before and after waxing, this Ingrown Hair Double Scrub combines a chemical and mechanical exfoliation to refine the skin, preventing the formation of ingrown hairs. It also prevents the appearance of red blemishes caused by ingrown hairs, while its paraben free formula leaves the skin soft and smooth for a more efficient wax. Paraben free. Fragrance free.

Cirepil travel set

Cooling effect gel

Perfectly prepares the skin, providing comfort and limiting post waxing reactions

Hair minimizing body serum

This creamy-textured serum contains plant extracts to soothe, decongest and soften the skin, slowing down hair re-growth after waxing and leaving hair increasingly finer

Hair minimizing body lotion

This specially formulated hair minimising body lotion has a fluid and delicate texture. Designed to keep your skin refreshed and hydrated

Thalgo Escales

Infused with water this cream moisturizes and revitalizes the skin helping it regain comfort and suppleness. The fresh lightweight texture with distinctive notes of peach flower white musk and cinnamon bark immediately melts in to the skin with no greasy afterfeel.

Thalgo Biodepyl

The 1st outstanding solution which slows down hair regrowth and significantly acts on all parameters (density, length, thickness). Soothed, the delicate areas remain smooth for longer.

Thalgo Biodepyl Concentrate

This concentrate helps to diminish the vitality of new hairs after waxing or depilation to slow hair regrowth. Hairs grow back visibly finer, shorter and more sparse.
Inhibits hair regrowth and corrects all aspects of the hair (density, thickness, length) to gain one to two weeks between each session.

The effectiveness of Biodepyl anti-regrowth solution has been proven after every type of hair removal with noticeably sparser hair regrowth and finer and shorter hairs after the third application. Its non-greasy texture and travel-friendly single-use dowses make it very convenient to use.

Thalgo Age defense 50+ spf

This comfortable-feeling Thalgo Age Defence Sunscreen Cream with SPF 50+ is ideal for even the most sensitive skin and is non whitening. You will tan gradually and the youthfulness of your skin will be protected.