Effective Depigmentation Solutions

Treating dark discolorations in the intimate parts of the body.

Do you suffer from pigmentation, discolorations, sagging and ingrown hairs on the body around the intimate areas? Then the Intimate treatment offers a solution. The Intimate treatment works effectively on reducing dark spots and tightening the skin.

About the Intimate treatment

The Intimate treatment consists of a microneedling treatment specifically for the body in combination with mesotherapy. What does this mean? During the treatment, a tailor-made cocktail of nutrients is used that is aimed at tackling hyperpigmentation and evening the skin tone. These are injected into the skin using microneedling. Simply to achieve effective and long-lasting results. The Intimate treatment is suitable for:

- Intimate zone
- Groin
- Thighs
- Armpits
- Sagging skin

What does the treatment look like?

Before the treatment, the skin is prepared for the treatment. The skin is cleaned, degreased and finally treated with a light peeling. The peeling ensures that the nutrients from the mesotherapy products are better absorbed by the skin and can therefore do their work better. After the peeling, the Intimate treatment can be started.

The duration of an Intimate treatment depends on the wishes and skin condition. An average treatment program contains approximately 1 treatment per month, up to 4 – 6 treatments in total. In addition, the use of home products is strongly recommended to maintain the result longer.

After treatment

After the treatment the skin may be red and sensitive. This will go away within a few hours. A few days after the treatment, the skin may feel dry and tight. Use a post-treatment cream to hydrate and repair the skin.

Price per treatment: € 150,-

Package 6 treatments: € 800,-